Switch does not load, but a loading icon is displayed

hello, i had water damage with my switch, but i got most of it repaired by cleaning it with isopropanol.
Now I have the problem that my switch does not charge, but a charging symbol is displayed.

I am a complete beginner and have only learned a little from watching videos. Now I need your help.
I bought a multimeter to test for short circuits. In fact, i found a few around the MAX77621 BGA IC DC Regulator chip, under the CPU
and i also have a few short circuits on the back of the motherboard, but I don’t know what the capacitors are for.
If you need pictures of it please let me know

how do i find out what is wrong with the battery?
what does it mean when the multimeter does not beep, on both sides from a capacitor
Today has also arrived a usb multimeter, but i dont know how to use it or which readings are good

sorry if my english is bad
I translate with a translator