Switch doesn't charge or dock

Title basically says it, during a modchip install the modchip shorted the 3v3 voltage rail which is why the switch didnt boot before. After removing the entire mod the switch now boots again but doesn’t charge or dock (the dock flashes green rapidly and only stops once unplugged). I checked the values of the componentes around the M92T36 chip in diode mode and the mosfets to the left of it were fine, but most of the caps were around 1.7 to 2.2 which is way too high according to this from repair.wiki


I then took the M92T off the board to see whether or not the values would change but most of them remained while some went to OL. Weirdly, 2 of the mosfets to the right of the chip were shorting to GND on one leg which led me to a capacitor that was shorted and had a value of 1-2 nF which I don’t think is the acual value (if anyone knows this value please reach out) but nevertheless, it led me to this marked area on the bottom being shorted to GND which should be fine as it does seem like the highlighted area is a GND plane as it connects to an inner GND layer through some vias according to the switch board schematics from balika011.

Any feedback is appreciated!

your charge port fuse seems bad

Yup, its absolutely gone lol, do you happen to know the part number for the fuse and that cap that I removed so that I can order replacements?

Fuse is 2.5A or 3A 0402_32v . Not remember the cap is 22uf or 10uf, I will check again later today

cap is 10uF_0805_25v

Thank you very much!