Switch does'nt connect with Joy-Con

Hello everyone,
I have an little problem. I have a Switch which not connect with both Joy-Con. I try to connect manuel and with wireless, try to update the Switch and I also look for the pins. But i have no bent or corresive in pins. I clean the pins and I try to connect the Joy-Con with an another Switch. The Joy-Con works fine.I’m a little bit confused because the Joy-Con makes click but no respond. I look also for the flex cable but it looks fine and i don’t think it would fail both sides in same time.

No shorts on the chips like M92, BQ, P13

Have anyone an idea how i can fix this problem?

IS the board HAC-CPU-21 ?

No, it’s HAC-CPU-01 version.

Maybe an issue with the fan? Either the fan itself or the diode next to the connector if there is one.

sounds like a fan issue to me. remove the diode or if there isn’t one, you can inject 1.2v into fan and the normally kick starts the circuit.

Can anyone explain me how the fan is connect to Joy-Con and why a issue by the fan can do something like this?

But I can say the fan have no issues. It’s works fine and I also try a new fan. I search for issue on the diode but i don’t found anything. I also look for the diode from the Joy-Con but I don’t find any issue.

Any ideas ?

I would assume that the fan is on the same power rail as the joycons, when both joycons are not happy a short across that diode is the usual cause. That said, it could be one or both of the PU chips, they live on the back of the board near the joy on rail connectors. I dont know how you would test them though.

sorry I didn’t really did you message, but the switch won’t recharge the joycons if the fan circuit isn’t working.

yours seems to be different as you can’t connect via Bluetooth either.
can you connect a Bluetooth headset? maybe the WiFi Bluetooth module is broken. I dunno.

Thank you. It was the PU Chip. I replace it.