Switch doesn't turn on and draws 0.46A (Damage after falling down)

I have a switch that has fall damage. After the fall, the console would no longer turn on. I connected it to an amp meter, which shows me 15V 0.46A. The device is an unpatched version. No RCM mode is recognized on the computer. Does anyone have any ideas how I should/can do this?

excuse my english It was translated from German to English using google translator. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Hmmm, I am no expert, but as it was dropped, and was working before, I would assume it is a solder joint that has failed under one of the BGA chips, or maybe the Emmc coming loose, though I would expect RCM if that was the case.
If the console is able to receive payloads, I would run Hetake and see if it reports any issues.
Otherwise, I would probably measure resistance to ground on all the rails to see if any are different than they should. If nothing stands out, I would start re-flowing all the BGA chips. (Not the RAM of APU yet, I would start with the easier ones first.)

Hopefully someone else will come along with better advice…

to start Hakate I need the RCM mode or not? I can’t get into RCM mode. At least that’s not what I see on my computer. it’s an unpatched console so it should theoretically be possible to run Hakate.

Can you get RCM detected if you remove the EMMC?

have now removed the emmc. now I can start Hekate and the console is recognized in RCM mode. Does the emmc have a defect? how can i proceed here?

No, the EMMC is probably fine, but with it installed you can only enter RCM with a jig and the right button combination. Removing it is a nice easy way of testing that you have access to RCM.

I would now go through all the info in Hekate to see if there are any errors, or things that look wrong. It may be easiest to take pictures of the screens and post them here so others can take a look.

I know the procedure with the jig and the key combo. However, I can’t get into RCM as long as the emmc is plugged in.

I am yet to get a console to go into RCM with a Jig… no idea what I am doing wrong.

Now I can also access the RCM with the emmc connected. The ribbon cable from the joycon was not plugged in properly. :man_facepalming:t2:
What information is required? Took some pictures. If something is missing I would be happy if you could give me an info what is needed.

So can you See any storage Information for the emmc?

I noticed that the battery drains very quickly. How accurate is the Hekate battery gauge?
Here is a picture of the emmc info.

What happens if you put atmosphere on the sd card and Boot into it using the fusee-payload?

Since it’s an old device, battery Could be Bad and discharges quickly or the gauge ic is Bad, but then it wouldnt turn on probably

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The console launches Atmosphere from Hekate with no problem. I do not understand anything anymore. Can it be that the console was not damaged by a fall but by the software? This is probably the reason why the console does not go into the quick charge.

The ofw can also be started via Hekate. However, I cannot start the console by plugging in the charging cable or using the power button. Totally crazy.
What is also strange is that I have to disconnect the console from the battery after turning it off or hold the power button for 30 seconds to start Hakate.

Can be a Power IC issue, try changing M92, then BQ

I swapped the M92. However, the problem remained. Can the P13 USB also be a cause? Should the console generally not work if there is a defect? When the console is off, the green LED only appears briefly in the dock. When I start the console (Atmosphere or OFW via Hekate) the dock mode is no longer a problem.

Maybe not All pads of the M92 are connected correctly or the New Chip is faulty.
Would inspect the solder Job and try to reflow or Do it again.

You can tin the outet pads of the Chip First before installing it (dont tin the large middle pad)

The problem was a faulty Firmware. Now the console works.
Thanks to all for the help. :+1:t2: