Switch doesnt turn on. CPU is getting hot pretty quick. shorts around MAX77621

I have a Switch on my desk that doesn´t power on. it charges with 0.6A at 5V and there are no shorts around M92, BQ Chip but when i press the power button the CPU is getting hot very fast (around 5 secs).
i did found several issues on the mainboard:

  • missing resistor right from the eMMC port
  • bad cap left from the Tegra CPU (one of the 2 small ones)
  • shorts around the MAX77621 left from the CPU
  • (maybe) a knocked off component on the bottom left where the gamecard board connects.

anyone knows the value from those 2 resistors and the caps?
is that component really knocked off?

i desoldered the MAX77621 but the short is still there. i have taken pictures and will add them after marking the shorts on the components.
hope it can be fixed but i am a bit confused where to start right now.

Resistor right from eMMC:

knocked off?

red marked components with shorts around MAX77621 (measured in continuity mode)