Switch doesnt wake up after sleep

one of the Nintendo Switches I repaired doesnt wake up from sleep every 5-10 times.
After this happening you need to hard reset it to get it working again.
I am not sure if the problem existed before the repair but I think so (did only replace the SD connector on the board).
While not turning on after sleep it sometimes charges as it is turned on, sometimes as the battery is dead (0.48A 15V) and I also had 0.33A at 15V.
Maybe M92T36 is the culprit for sometimes not generating a voltage rail?
Maybe the battery?

Did anybody have this problem before?

B. R.

See my topic about a similar issue, sounds like a less severe version of what my issue was

Thanks for the answer.
I will check that!
Maybe its the MAX IC that doesnt want to produce some voltage rail thats needed to power on from standby.

Those max ic’s are pretty durable when it comes to randomly failing, I would guess it is a solder ball connection issue, you could try a reflow, just don’t tap it too hard, or reball it, I replaced mine on that switch just in case however