Switch Emmc warm during sleep

I fixed a Nintendo Switch v2 and a new issue popped up. I replaced the m92t36 and it boots now. It completely work, except… In sleep mode it slowly drains battery until it dies. I opened it back up and felt around after leaving it in sleep for a bit, it seems the EMMC is the only thing getting warm. It’s fully working otherwise, and is fully updated to 17.01 . I checked the EMMC for shorts and did not find any. Also cannot find any other shorts on the board.
Any ideas what it could be and or what I can check?

Hmm, if you are able too I would be tempted to get a backup of that emmc using another hacked switch or an adapter for PC in case it is failing. You can replace the emmc, but only if you have a full backup of it.

Yeah I may do that. I took another look and it seems it may not be the Emmc but the entire area around it. I may just set it aside and work on my other Switch’s as I do not want to go down the rabbit hole yet finding what is causing this. It seems to be either the Max chip nearby the Emmc, and or possibly something on the other side of the board getting hot. So must be some short nearby.

Also it seems the BQ chip and the coil nearby get hotter than I believe they should? Not sure if that’s related. Otherwise it charges just fine at about .850 amp at 15v… So will update my post.
Thank you!