Switch engineering test motherboard

I got a very special motherboard. When it starts up, it shows a strange interface. *What do I need to do to use it properly.

This is super intereting if this is the default bootup behaviour (no hacks etc) and if that’s the case I would assume this is a Development unit. If I were you I’d try launching Hekate with the jig and trying to make a full EMMC backup and get the keys. I’m no OS/FW expert but I imagine the contents of that dump would be interesting for those in the know

Cann you provide a few more photos of some of those options such as boardtest etc? I’d avoid selecting the “system initialize” option as I’d guess that will earase all user data, and also the “Finalize” which may conclude the open session (which may well get you into the OS but prevent your from possibly seeing the current screen again :man_shrugging: )

Hmm, I dont recognise this from Switch dev kits, but I haven’t used them much…

Yeah it’s very different to the images of the devkits in pictures I’ve seen online. I guess this is a variant with a very specific purpose and from the image specifically for testing hardware… for example I wonder what “aging” is reffering to… perhaps a hardware stress test which simulates stress over time to measure longevity :man_shrugging: :thinking:

What is potentially the most interesting is, and this is just a hunch is that it appears (based on this being simplistic graphics and text) that this is potentially running on the “Boot CPU/ CPU 0” and not it’s bigger brother CPU which the OS/Games run. So if this board is capable of booting into HOS or some modified or stripped down version of HOS this could lead to something quite interesting… or maybe not… I’m no expert in this field :smiley:

Yeah, my instant response to “how do I make this normal” is dont. You have something unique that is likely much more valuable to someone as it is. I would probably go look for some of the homebrew communities and see if anyone there is interested in it.

Touchscreen and joycon are not working,it just freez on this interface.I was try launch Hekate with the jig,but no use.It may need sxos chip to launch.

I see. I suppose depending on how early this development unit was made it’s entirely possible that the circuitry/pinout for these areas is different to the retail switch boards, which may explain why it’s locking up etc. Can you take a few photos of the board front and back so I can see if theres any differences? Also does the SoC look different in any way?

An SX modchip won’t be of any use in this instance (afaict) as it appears this unit is using a custom bootloader which the SX modchip has no idea about, and as the modchip effectively modifies this at boot it wouldn’t work unfortunately.

Best course of action I think in this case would be to dump the EMMC externally with a dedicated tool or by using a an unpatched donor switch board booted into Hekate with this units EMMC module connected… The downside to this approach is not getting the keys but the dump will provide further clues (assuming there is even keys at play here)

This weekend, I tried to transplant a normal soc to this motherboard, which can be used normally, but I found that the touch function cannot work . I have confirmed that all peripheral devices are normal, so the problem is on the motherboard. Therefore, the previous engineering test system may be able to operate through the touch screen, but the touch function is damaged, so it has not responded.

I have tried replacing the touch IC and the cable socket, but nothing has worked, does anyone know of any other IC that can cause the touch to not work at all.At present, I suspect that there is something wrong with the power supply circuit of the touch screen, but I still don’t know where the power supply comes from.

Sorry man, while i have a few theories on what the trouble could be I don’t think it would be right to help further as I find it a little bizzare what your putting a 1 in a million board through… had I of known what your intentions were for this I’d have just swapped you a regular working switch board for your one :frowning: devices such as the one you have need to be preserved… not abused :frowning:

If your just looking to mess around then just pick up some donor boards on eBay, they’re a dime a dozen and cheap :+1:

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