Switch Error Code 2107-0445

Hey everyone, Merry Christmas. So I bought a switch this summer off eBay that said it did not charge. Figured I was in for a charge port repair but when I got it the issue wasn’t so cut and dry. I’ll explain the best I can.

Plug console into charger and it charges as long as it is not asleep. Either all the way on while I’m actively using it or turned off. If it goes to sleep, whether it’s charging or not, it throws error code 2107-0445. Tried researching said error and cannot come up with anything. I tried doing a reset, even though it had been done before I bought it, but that didn’t do it. I’ve just been living with it but my curiosity is killing me and figured I’d ask here. After all the Tronicsfix YouTube channel is why I bought a broken one in the first place.

So if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. Thanks and have a good one.

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Remove the joycons and sd card and try again a reset.

  • Turn it straight off.
  • Boot to recovery mode by holding volume up+down while pressing power. Keep holding those buttons til you boot to the system management menu.
  • Hit “Update System”
  • Once it’s done, reboot and see if you can boot back up. If not, keep on following these steps.
  • Boot back into recovery and hit the second option; “Initialize console without deleting save data”. This option will essentially reset your console, but it won’t touch save data, screenshots, videos, the like. Installed applications will be erased but you can always redownload.
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