Switch hands mode have no sound in speakers neither audio jack, tv mode works

before my switch can’t connect tv dock, and then I changed IC video chip and USB-C port, now charge and tv mode no any problem, but hands mode no any sound, I use headset no sound too, in tv mode can normal work.
Any suggest how to figure out this problem? before reworking audio was good.
thanks in advance.

PS double cheking the board, I saw that this component highlited in the phots was partially lifted, I re solder it but no change in audio.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to post pics.
Anyway, in [INFO] Board diagram and part numbers] post:
Is the one in 15th photo, under the joycon flat connector, left side of that black smd (mosfet?).

That was realtek IC audio, just re-sitted and audio back on. Now full working.