Switch hard mod NAND dump, with Low Voltage eMMC Adapter

Hello guys

Today i did the rawnand dump, to a corrupted Switch eMMC chip. Console displays Blue Screen of Death. With the help of the Low Voltage eMMC Adapter, Transcend Card Reader and NxNandManager, i managed to do a full dump. I ordered a new 32Gb SanDisk eMMC.
The original eMMC chips also have boot partitions, respectively boot0 and boot1.
I didn’t have access to boot partitions with an eMMC Adapter and SD card reader.The controller on SD reader doesn’t support eMMC boot mode.
It must be used a SDIO controller, and the eMMC boot partitions they will be visible, but i think i can generate them with ChoiDujour for Pc and then transferred to the new eMMC on the switch, or will i buy one BeagleBone Black, SDIO interface or i’ll try a laptop that has SDIO interfaces for SD card reading.
I’ll be back with new information in a few days. I apologize for my bad English.


Hey there,
thanks for sharing this with us. Do you by any chance know a mfg/part number for the EMMC’s socket? Always though I wanted to layout a proper switch EMMC->SD adapter (so you don’t need to solder on the EMMC board), but never really found a place to get the socket… Any ideas?

You mean that?

Hey there,
No, I am talking about the original connector used to connect the emmc board to the Switch’s mainboard. In your images it can be seen on the far left of image 4 (bottom side of emmc pcb). The black connector.

I understand now. I didn’t see what you were saying.

Please tell me your friend who is selling this low voltage SD card


ok good!~!!!