Switch has a lot of heat and fans are out of control

Pin 18 (VDDIO?) Of M92T36 has a conduction reaction (which should not be conducted with a normal SWITCH), and the capacitor immediately below it also has conduction on both sides.
The SWITCH can be started and used, but high heat is generated in the inductor coil and BQ24193 chip.
In addition, the fans are out of control and continue to rotate the strongest I have ever seen. Even if the M92T36 chip is removed, pin 18 is still conductive.
Do you have any hints to solve this problem?

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Replace M92T36 & BQ24193

Did you manage to solve it? I have the same shorted capacitor. Seems to be causing more shorts on the other bard side. I removed M92T36 and BQ24193 but short is still there.

I could trace the VDDIO line to the EN ic. But I m not completely sure if this is the only end of this line.