Switch has black screen, SD card or emmc issue

I have a Switch that has been running SX OS with the pro dongle for a little over a year now. It is on FW 9.0.1 and it started freezing on me a few days ago while playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 so I restarted it and put it on the dock. When picking it up a few days later, I could not get the screen to come on even when using TegraRCMgui when it would show that the payload was successfully loaded. Long story short, after troubleshooting it a few days I discovered when booting something like Hekate, it boots Hekate up just fine but anytime I try to do anything that uses the SD card it gives me a “Failed to init SD card” error. When I saw that, I immediately ordered a new SD card reader and changed it out but I got the same error with the new reader installed. I have also seen “Failed to init emmc” when trying to view the emmc info in Hekate. So after seeing that, I ordered and replaced the emmc module but still have the same errors. I was going to try restoring my Nand but it keeps telling me Failed to init SD card. Anyone have any suggestions?