Switch in dock loses connection to TV after some minutes

I have a problem with a Nintendo Switch. When I have the tablet unit in the doc and switch on the console, I have a picture for a few minutes. I tested it with Mario Kart and when the console is “cold” I can drive about 2.5 races until the screen on the TV goes black. Sometimes it helps to take the console out of the dock and plug it back in. But then only for a short time. But there are also times when the console no longer shows any picture on the TV when I put it back in the dock.

I have already tried a different dock and also a different, original power supply unit. I’ve also cleaned the ports on the dock and in the console with contact spray.

I haven’t repaired a Switch yet, but I’m no stranger to repairs. Can anyone tell me what to look for when fixing the problem?
I have found many videos on YouTube that have repaired a Switch where there was no picture at all on the TV, but so far none with this exact problem. I also used the search here, but only found threads where the console had no connection to the TV at all.

Can anyone here help me?

The p13usb and the various filters below it is where you’ll want to start, the p13usb may be on its way out

I have changed all the filters and caps. They are all in order so far. Then I will probably have to replace the chip?