Switch keeps blowing the BQ Chip

I have a friends Switch that I have been trying to fix for a while. (and I thought it was done!)
When I first started looking into it I found the following:

  • The large horizonatal cap below the BQ chip was shorted. (the actual cap had failed), so I replaced this.
  • The fuse by the charge port was blown, so I replaced that.
  • It still didn’t charge (but now booted), so I replaced the BQ and MT chips out . I was new to chip replacing, it took a few goes but eventually it was happily charging.

I have now had it unused for a few months (waiting for an opportunity to give it back), and just went to give it another test, and the BQ chip is showing shorts on the horizontal cap again, as well as the one in the top right.

I guess a new BQ is in order here, but I am worried that there is some other issue that is causing this to happen.

Any ideas what might cause this?

I have just removed the BQ chip. This has removed the short on the top cap, but the bottom horizontal one has blown again… Could this just be a case of that capacitor not being up to spec after replacing it? Would that cause the BQ to fail?

For what its worth, I have now replaced the cap and chip and it is now charging and booting normally again. I think I will use it for a bit rather than just putting it back in its box and see if it happens again. IT certainly isn’t blowing right away, it was charging on a 5vcharger for a few hours yesterday, and I now have it in the dock with the official charger and no problems yet.