Switch lcd pin not coming out

Hi, long story short Im repairing broken switch and a can’t solder out pin for lcd. I tried it with the hot air station and it still stuck, so the teacher told me to try 450 but that he is not responsible for it. So I did it initially 310, then 370, 410, and finally 450. I tried 4 angles from which to do it and it didn’t work. The teacher finally said that it was probably glued , but I didn’t have time to try it. the motherboard looks fine.
any idea why it didn’t work? and how to release it

Btw v2 motherboard (number: HAD-CPU-01)

These connectors are not glued.

Flux the board, attach nozzle from 5mm to 10mm on your hot air gun, set temp anywhere from 350C to 420C, medium air, use board in a board holder or overhang it off your banch and secure it with tape or similar. Hold you nozzle on the opposing side of the board approx 1cm off the board in direct opposition of the connector and wave the gun in the oriention of the connector left/right, monitor the pins on the LCD connector, you should see them turn molten, when they all do lift the connector off with tweezers. depending on your hot air station this could take upwards of a couple of minutes. Don’t knock the board or components will fall off on the underside.

If your still having issues then might be your hot air station at fault, check it’s temperature is accurate, check it has the air capability etc. What I will say is you might be better off having someone else do this repair for you, it sounds like your a beginner and could potentially stand to make the situation much worse as putting a new connector back on can be yet more challenging for beginners. Maybe have your teacher do it… though tbh, doesn’t sound like he really know what he’s talking about.

Thx, but i did everything what you said (but air was on high) . when I have the chance I’ll try it one more time and if it doesn’t work I’ll give it to someone more experienced. Btw Im student beginner in high school