Switch Lite backlight for boot then off

OK, I have 3 Lites, 2 came in with no backlight at all and one that i blew with a slipped probe while measuring voltages to fix the other 2. All have a new TPS61162 from Mouser, two have all the passives replaced from Switch donor boards and the third has all the original passives.

All do the same thing - the backlight comes on EVERY TIME for the nintendo logo. Then it does not come on for the switch logo or the home screen 99% of the time. But the switch boots, i can enter home screen with three clicks or touches and then hear the home screen shuffling icons when i swipe across.

And if i use Power button to put it to sleep, then wake it up with either power or home buttons it will -sometimes- light up the home screen! But it is hit or miss - sometimes one will light up every second or third attempt, sometimes it will go 10 attempts and all be black. And it is inconsistent - sometimes its wake on power button that lights it up, sometimes its the home button.

Anyone ever see anything like this? I’d say its the TPS chip from Mouser except all 3 will light for the nintendo logo during boot every single time. Its like the SoC or software isn’t getting an intput it needs…

Any ideas or other experiences would be appreciated

I thought switch uses TPS6113A

according to the data sheet, they are equivalent other than the temperature parameter. And the 6113 is not available from any of the component sources. I may pay the premium and get one from “E” or “A” and see if that makes a difference…