Switch lite battery connector ripped off - help!

Morning fixers,

I am trying to fix a Nintendo Switch Lite which has had a speaker connector and the battery connector ripped off. I couldn’t find the speaker connector, so I have just replaced the complete pcb that it sits on.
I have tried to solder on a new battery socket/connector twice, but the repair has failed both times.

My solution to the problem is a custom designed pcb/shim that will sit between a new connector and the existing damaged logic board (and will be epoxied to the logic board).

The battery header has 5 connections. The back two are ground. The front 3 (from the battery) are red, grey and black. I am sure the red and black pins are VBAT and GND. The grey is probably DATA. I have traced the connections for VBAT and GND. The GND from the battery doesn’t seem to connect with the GND pads on the rear of the battery connector.

My question today is:
where does the pin for the grey wire connect to?

The 2nd photo has been annotated with where I think the connections go.

this should help u ht tp: //balika011. hu /switch /lite/

You Could simply solder the speaker to the board directly, doesnt need the Connector.

Battery would be also possible to solder the wires directly.