Switch lite board issue?

4 apu caps have been accidentally removed and ive replaced them successfully. After that when I tested to see if theres signs of life the switch turned on with a charging symbol and then started flickering and then was just backlight no image and touch working with sounds. I looked around the web and people suggested to resit/clean the flex cables, i did so and when I connected the flex cables specificly the power cable next to the battery connecter started smoking and I quickly disconnected the battery and the flex cable itself. And as shown in the picture a pad was burned on the flex cable. I dont know where to go from here, so any help would be appreciated.

check you flex connector if any bent pins inside and replace connector and flex accordingly

You are likely having this burn ground pin touching the pin6 from left which is the backlight 17v pin and bang!

I’ve checked the power flex cable and the connector itself under a microscope, the cable itself has some tears or bendings on the side which might need to get replaced, now the connector itself I dont see much other then the burned residue on one of the pins but here are two pics that I took. Maybe youll find something I didnt.

first the battery must be disconnected, then the flex cable. it’s harder but that’s the order. it is possible that the bga 9 ball chip is no longer good.