Switch lite cartridge reader error

I took my switch apart to change the shell. When I put it back together. I got cartridge read error. I ordered another reader thinking that was the problem but after installing it I’m still getting this error. Has anyone else experienced this and if what did you do to fix it?

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I have the same issue. I have yet to find anything on it. The only thing I noticed on my unit was that the original connector did not allow the headphone jack to function; however, on the new cartridge, the same 3.5 jack now works again. Seems that the replacement one is functioning correctly but is not reading games for whatever reason.

Follow up: I ordered a third replacement game card reader and have the same issue. The 3.5mm jack works on it but still gives the same error reading games. I have found little to no information on why this could be. I’ve inspected the board on both sides and it is in near perfect condition with no indication of water damage or bent/missing pins on the ribbon connector. I was starting to wonder if maybe each game card reader is serialized for that specific console; however, I don’t see anything that would support that. Would the fact that the 3.5mm jack works fine be an indicator that the card reader is also in working order?

Out of interest, did you two connect the GC ribbon while the battery/power was still plugged in?

afaik the ST IC responsible for touch etc is present on the mainboard on lites (as opposed to being on the GC PCB on regular switches) perhaps this IC is damaged (?) might be worthwhile comparing the readings on this IC and comparing to a known good.

Might also be worthwhile comparing diode mode or resistance readings on the connector and also comparing to a known good.

afaik the ST IC in question has update fuses which are burnt (much like the SoC), this is why on a regular switch, sometimes you’ll find the GC doesn’t work, and sometimes touch won’t work which i think is down to digitizer version differences.

The first 2 replacements were installed power off and the battery disconnected. I got a bit impatient on the third and swapped it with the device powered off but the battery still connected. Also, the GC reader was definitely replaced in an attempt to fix it before it was sold to me. I am unsure as to how they did their install.