Switch lite component isssue

hello peoples, i am trying to figure out what component this is is the photo circled in red.
on my board it was melted and i couldnt see exactly what ir was it looks like 2 seperate fuses im thinking 0402 but when i look at pics of the back side of motherboards online it looks like one component.

can anyone help me identify it please and thank you

same ESD choke filter in v1/v2 board

Thank you soo much I appreciate it. I’ve been trying to find out what it was for so long.

Would this be a cause for my switch not charging?
The port was damaged so I replaced it,
Had a short at the chip and replaced that and now it still won’t charge then under my scope I saw a burnt blob with silver and thought maybe that’s my issue.

Any insight would help thank you

If you are using 5v charger without that filter you won’t have charge but official pd charger can charge without that.
Double check your new port all pins diode reading

Do you happen to know the reading numbers?

You should have a diode reading on that filter, and like he said if you dont 5v usb A wont work, so no rcm/usb accessories.
you should still be able to charge with the 15volt nintendo charger though.

if your looking for the diode reading for all the port pins, and image can be found quite easily online.