Switch lite D pad and minus key not working (water damaged)

Hey guys,

Got a water-damaged switch lite. It did not turn on at first and was fixed by replacing the FPC connector ( connecting the mainboard and the daughter board). Everything turns on now except on the D-Pad right button and the minus button not working. I have tried following the traces by checking continuity and it goes back to the mainboard. What should I check next?


Edit: I finally determine the issue, it was the FPC connector I replaced. I checked the new strips of FPC connector I got from China and saw some are rated for 2A and some are 4A. The one I had originally solder on was a 4A one but when I replaced to 2A, it worked. The weird thing is that I get continuity within the 4A FPC connector (top row of pins to the solder leg) but dont have continuity between the solder leg of the motherboard and daughter board.