Switch lite doesn't turn on

Hi, I’ve bought a Nintendo Switch lite from eBay to try to fix it.
It doesn’t turn on, when I put the charger in I measure 5.23 Volt and 0.86 Amp.
I check for shorts along the board but I only found a very low resistance to ground on both sides on some capacitor near Max77812 ewb chip.

The two bigger one measure 4 ohm and 1 ohm on the two sides.
The smaller one measure 1 ohm on both sides.

I checked also the USB-c port, and the coil and I didn’t find any problem with them.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

I’m sorry for my bad English.
Today I found a solder bridge on two capacitor above the mt ic chip. I fixed it and now when I put the charger in I measure 5.22 Volt and 1.22 amps.
Still nothing on the screen.
With a phone charger in there is a lot of heat on the silver shield and on the Usb-C port.
I think the USB port has been replaced from the previous owner.

With the official charger still nothing on the screen, and the components are cold.
I don’t know if the original charger is working properly because I haven’t another switch.

Today I did other test and I found that, when I plug in the charger suddenly the BQ chip became very hot.
I’m sorry for the bad quality of that image, does anybody tell me if this could be corrosion?

I’ve found also a low resistance capacitor near BQ (2 ohm and 0 ohm) could it be shorted?

First, those caps do not USUALLY go short, they just indicate a short on the line to which they connect. I would suspect the IC being bad .
Second, I would seriously rethink the USB port. It looks BAD.
Repair Hint:: “If you didn’t do it then its done wrong.”

Hi, thank you for your reply
Unfortunately after I removed the bq24193 chip I found the motherboard is like huge scratched near the solder pad.
I think the internal layer are shorted together so I think it’s not possible to fix it.

And when I tryied to clean the pad two of them are gone, I did such a mess unfortunately :frowning: