Switch Lite HDH-CPU-02 Shorts on M92 Pin 18 & 6

Hi guys

I have a Switch Lite that had a bad damaged charging port, upon inspecting the M92 there were shorts on Pins 38,39,18,6

I removed M93 and the shorts on pins 38,39 were cleared but 18,6 remained,
I then removed both caps from each line and short is still there.

I soldered a wire to pin 18 and injected 0.9v and the board was pulling around 1.5A but nothing was warming up under the thermal camera.

Would this indicate a shorted SoC? as it is big enough to absorb any heat, any other component surley would of heated up.

is there anyway to check if it is the SoC that is bad?

so you can save wasting time further diagnosing the consoles with shorted pin18 on M92?