Switch Lite - L Button Doesn't Click but Works


The L Button on my Switch Lite lost its clickiness, but it does work.
Wanting to restore the clickiness of the button…

Replacing the Left Board would be the easiest? Watching some videos - Do i need remove the shield?

What shield Do you mean? If you mean the metal Plate, yes.

But you dont need to solder anything, just unscrew and unplug Connectors.
Check the ifixit Website for a teardown guide

Appreciate it @zyrex

Watching a particular video (yellow switch joystick repair video), the repair person did not need to remove the metal plate.

Ah Yeah, sorry, on a switch lite you can remove the doughter Board with the metal attached, but it is recommend to unplug the battery First before anything else.

So to do this, you have to remove the metal shield First, than you can access the battery Connector.