Switch Lite L shoulder not registering clicks?

Recently I used WD-40 electronic cleaner as my joycon was stiffening up during gameplay which i’ve successfully fixed before using it, but I think that it may have damaged my L shoulder button? I believe excess has trickled down into the shoulder piece. Originally after I suspected it got into the console, my ZL button wasn’t working after with registering clicks and difficulty pressing the button. I left it alone overnight to dry and now my ZL button functions like it used to but now my L shoulder button clicks perfectly, but none of the clicks register.

Could something have shifted inside that the console would need to be opened up for? Or have I potentially damaged it and need it fixed. Also, not so much a tech pro so please dumb down explanations for me lol.



I’d be surprised if the WD-40 had any negative effects on the contacts as it’s perfectly safe for use, even on live contacts, it’s not electrically conductive.

Maybe it’s coincidental or maybe the liquid has moved something that was already intermittent out of place, for example the dome “clicker” within a tact switch.

From memory the L shoulder button pushes against a right angle tact switch which is soldered directly to the board on Lites if i remember correctly , if you carefully open the console and disconnect the battery (important) then you can use a multimeter in continuity mode with the probes across the tact switch’s opposing pins/pads and then push the tact switch button, it it’s working properly your multimeter will beep when it’s pressed, if not the tact switch is faulty and needs desoldered and replaced.

You may find you can get the contacts working again within the tact switch by spraying more contact cleaner around the tact shaft and repeatedly pressing the button but it would likely be a temporary repair…

In contrast i believe the trigger bufton behind the L shoulder button instead uses a silicone membrane and if that button was causing problems then you can likely buy and just easily replace the membrane.


I had this issue on the right side not registering clicks. I just cleaned with IPA around the black button that it sits on and by magic it worked!