Switch Lite liquid damage-no power

Hello all, I’m diagnosing a Switch Lite for my friend and found liquid damage that corroded the capacitors around the BQ24193 chip. I’m not 100% sure if the chip is actually bad yet, but I did find a shorted capacitor (image with red arrow). The short is still present with the BQ24193 chip removed and I unfortunately also found that the corrosion took the lives of a few capacitor pads as well as half of one of the chip’s.

The capacitors have corroded so much that they don’t look like they stand a chance at being soldered back on. Anyone know the values of C458, C459, and C460?

Is there any way to test the BQ24193 chip or is it best to assume it’s damaged at this point? I was able to clean the contacts on it and none are missing.

Sorry, I’ve got photos up at imgur but my account is too new to share them.


After cleaning:

After removal:

Edit: clarification on the first post. The short is not present with the BQ24193 chip removed.