Switch Lite Mod Recovery

I attempted myself to install a picofly mod kit, I actually did pretty good given the fact that I had a super bad iron.

The console was turning on and give me some error that’s why I tried re-soldering the cable, did this solder a couple of times.

Now the issue comes with the DAT0 and CMD pads.

Below I have the images. I know I have a bridge on the SP2 part. That happened after I removed the DAT0, CMD and CLK cable and identified that I had probably ripped with the iron the pads from the DAT0 and the CMD.

The CLK seems fine, and all the other ones are okay with some solder on them.

Do you think that this is fixable? Should I start scraping it and dig a bit to find a better spot to solder to?

The console wouldn’t turn on prior to the SP2 bridge and this makes sense after seeing another post about another guy who ripped his DAT0 pads.