Switch lite - No backlight - Verified board issue

Hello dear fixing gurus,

I´m still rather new with fixing SMD based electronics and I was wondering if someone could give me a tip.
I have a Nintendo Switch Lite where the backlight isn´t working.
I verified it by using the mainboard in a different switch lite I fixed a few days before that one. It´s not working in that one either.

So it´s definitively an issue with the mainboard.
I read about 4V of current on the connector that leads to the mainboard. My research showd that it´s supposed to be around 13-15V here.

Any ideas anyone?


I would start by first inspecting the flex cable connector (highlighted yellow in the picture) for any type of damage. Inspect the flex cable itself for any damage such as a broken or corroded trace / pad. Also inspect the white latch on the connector itself for any type of damage / wear as they tend to break very easily especially if you are opening and closing them a lot.

Do you see anything when you power the device on and place a flashlight next to the screen? If you see an image doing this then the problem is related solely to the backlight, if you dont see the image then you are not connecting to the LCD and this must be resolved first as I dont believe the backlight will power on with a undetected LCD (dont quote me here I am still learning too).

Check voltage on the coil above the extension cable conntor on M.B, ALSO CHECK continuity from backlight cable to M.B side extension cable connector(3 pins from right side)