Switch Lite no charging, no power


I have a Nintendo Switch Lite that arrived for a broken charging connector. Indeed, several pins were touching and the Type-C was really in a bad state.
So I changed the connector but the console does not charge and still does not turn on.
So I changed the M92T36 with no more success.
I noticed on the other hand that the component (the one normally present in the red square on the photo) was completely broken and in short circuit.
I searched and I think it is a filter for the display part?
So I removed it to test, I don’t know if it has an impact on charging and starting, but still, I don’t have any more results.
During the test, nothing really happens: 0V 0A to the charger.

What do you think ?
I looked for diagrams to control the tensions etc but I did not find anything…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like a filter for D+ and D-. So without that you wont be able to charge with a normal 5v charger. Should still be possible to charge with official charger though, and shouldn’t prevent it from booting.

I tested with an official charger but it doesn’t charge either.
The battery is currently at 4.02V, the console should boot even without a load, so I think there is a short circuit somewhere at least but I don’t know where to look. I don’t have any leads on the Lites yet :confused:

I have all this capacitors shorted. Is it normal ?
Thank you.


On a normal switch the ones on the right can be low readings, around 50 ohm usually. The other one shoukd be 5 or 10k ish,so thats not normal.

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Thank you. Have you an idea about what can be shorted ? Is it a bad new M92T or USB port ?

It certainly can be, but it’s the 1.8v rail, which is used in a number of places. What is the full resistance to ground on all those coils? (with black probe on ground)


I’m going to do the measurements but I just found a short circuit on this capacitor. I disassembled it, the component is fine but the short circuit persists on the motherboard. So I removed the diode above and it seems to be the problem (maybe).
The problem is that I don’t know what this diode is and how I can replace it, at least with what type. I only have a FAT motherboard as a donor…

What do you think?
Sans titre
Thank you very much for your help!

Here are the differents values of capacitors.