Switch Lite - No Power - No short on M92 or BQ

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on my first switch for mother board repair and I could use some help. My amp meter showed no power when plugging in and the pins are bent in the port. I’ve replaced the port and the issue persists. The issue is I don’t see a short on M92 or BQ chip at all. I’m not sure how to move forward, the only place I see a short is on the caps below the processor. Does that mean this board is dead?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you in Advance!


What voltage do you have on those?

A B C at 14.94 volts - D at 4.23

Now as i was checking volts, i felt the Max77812 chip on the other side of the board and it was HOT as heck, I found two shorts on the caps below it, i removed the chip and the shorts are still present. which cap do u think would be the one to remove? It’s the caps below the CPU on the front side of the board.

Most cap around MAX77812 goes into CPU so low resistance is normal. Upload your picture or post the link with (dot) to bypass forum limit.

Oh maybe it’s just a bad Max chip, bc it was super hot to the touch and when i hit it with alcohol, it instantly fizzled. I was just gonna show a pic of those two resistors showing low resistance. Would that make sense?

A B C at 14.94 volts - D at 4.23

Would a bad Max Chip cause it to not charge?