Switch lite no video after m92 and usb-c repair

Hey y’all,

I’ve replaced the usb-c port on a switch lite and there is sound and touch but no video, connector for the lcd looks good, any suggestions on how to fix?

I don’t even know where to start!

Thank you in advance

ultimately check diode reading on the backlight connector when battery disconnect.

Hey thank you so much for reaching out again and trying to save me, I’m not sure exactly where the diode is, I promise I am a quick learner, and I did mess up the connector top on the connector bottom right of the top of the board, but I held it in place with Kapton tape and tried a new lcd and didn’t work. Any idea on where and how I should be checking it?

Thank you.

i do actually see that the backlight is the issue now, there is a screen but no backlight. i’m getting 4v coming from the cap above the backlight connector and i know it should be around 17v.

You need to make sure the 29pin fpc connector(above battery) is making the cable full contact by each pin. Especially backlight pins on the long cable is at the far right on Mainboard fpc connector side.
When the backlight circuit not properly connected from daughter board to mainboard, only 4v ouput from the backlight ic yet it normally should be 17v.
Best bet you will need to replace the connector. MOLEX Part# 503300-2910