Switch lite right joy stick changed same issue as before

so long story short switch lite previous water damage (possibly coke tizer) sticky horrible stuff .
kept shutting down the switch .open the unit cleaned it all up found the ribbon cable from left board to right corroded along with the connector on the Dboard cleaned all this up managed to get the unit working put it all back together after a good clean.
only to find the right joystick not moving left or up (small movement but not a great deal ) cleaned the joystick up same issue so removed and replaced for new exactly the same problem tried another joystick again same issue (ive calibrated in the menu and right down are fine just up and left have small movement . i cant see any other corrosion on the board or in any of the ribbons / connectors
can someone point me the right direction for a pinout / test points or where to try next ??
switch lite HDH-CPU-02
the left stick and all other buttons work fine
many thanks

only just found this forum and seems very helpful
keep up the good work

The right stick goes straight into mainboard next to the right loud-speaker connector. If you were having issue on the left stick/daughter board, I dont think you worked on any area there.
Try remove the left stick cable connection and check the right stick again.

Sorry about the late reply only just managed to look at this again.

I’ve removed the left stick connection cable and the problem still appears
Is there a test point on the board I can short to mimic using the analogue stick ?

Change this chip stm32 and problem solved