Switch Lite: Shorted Caps at M92T36 and MAX77620H

I have an HDH-0001 Switch Lite that is unable to power on or charge. I’ve tested the USB-C port and power does go through (though for some reason it only charges on one side. It doesn’t charge after reversing the cord, but I can deal with that later). I got to the motherboard and tested the various chips relating to the power/battery. The BQ and the MAX17050 have no issues, but I found one shorted cap at M92 and 3 shorted caps at MAX77620H.


I am unsure how to go about solving this. My initial thought is to replace the chips and see if that solves the shorts, but I am unsure on whether the other sides of the caps are connected to something that could be the culprit. I am also unsure on whether or not some of the caps are actually an issue. I saw a thread on here that sometimes a cap will appear as a short due to its low resistance.

This is my first time attempting a repair like this, so any guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: For some reason, I can’t use the photo directly, and I’m only allowed one link due to being a new user…

So, here’s the second photo in the form of a reply.


a working v2/lite motherboard has 18~25 ohm to ground on such 0.8v line you circled

Are you saying that the resistance of that specific part is low enough to be mistaken as a short, or was that more of a suggestion to check whether the actual resistance value is matches close to those values?

exactly, you should check front side max77812 status understanding what stage the switch goes into prior to judge what ic goes wrong

you should check front side max77812 status understanding what stage the switch goes into prior to judge what ic goes wrong

I see. Thank you! I missed that chip on my initial search for anything wrong since it wasn’t shown on iFixit’s Switch Lite teardown page. I’ll give it a look and see what I find. Is there anything in this area I should be wary of? Like low resistances or anything?

Just measure the voltages, and dont get freak out with the low resistance there

I took the motherboard out and tested the caps I can reliably reach in that area. I measured ~0.2mV for each of the caps.

I also did some additional things. I saw a different post similar to mine, and they were asked to measure certain points, so I did the same.

Since I’m only getting 0.02V at C, that would point the BQ. I don’t know what point D is though.

if C point no voltage, you likely have bad m92t

I see. Thank you so much for the help! I really appreciate it.

Also, I went back to the post I got the diagram from and turns out it was from you! So, thank past you as well!!! :grin:

I’ll get that replaced once I get the part and hopefully that solves my issue. If not, I guess you’ll see another post from me in the future.

Hey! I finally got around to replacing M9 and the Switch powers on and charges now. Thanks again for all the help you gave me!