Switch Lite - shorts on the board. Charges but won't turn on

I bought this as faulty, the port was heavily damaged as the guys child had tried to ram a micro USB charger into the port apparently.
I replaced the port and then found it still isn’t turning on. I have a USB tester which shows the board is receiving 15V and amps etc but the MAX77620H chip buzzes and gets really hot when the charger is connected there’s a few shorts around this chip.

I then started poking around and found shorts on the board, circled in red on the pictures. In regards to the picture with 1 short on it (capacitor to the left of the M92 chip) ; I watched a video earlier where the guy said if this capacitor is shorted it shows there’s a short on the cpu and he will give up immediately.

Pictures here: (how to I upload an image? It says I can’t)

I removed the MAX17050 and the one to the right in the picture with one short. Also removed the charge port but the short still exists.

Is there anything else I can do here? Or do you think it is the cpu and the thing is scrap?