Switch Lite single short on M92


I have a single short on a cap on the M92, I cant seem to find the source of the issue (have removed M92 and the BQ one). Does anyone have a similar experience and knows the issue?

I cant seem to add pictures
linkpicture com/ view.php? img=LPic63b33f3b3f914125267365’

Is this cap also shorted? check this area.

yes it is shorted, but I had a donor board with both those caps shorted too so I wrote that off as ok

I can’t see the board right now but the cap you mentioned(near M92) must not be shorted right?
hmm they are on the same line

I just measured 17.8k ohm to ground on the green X point on that pic.

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Yeah it’s shorted, the only one I can find that is different than the donor board I have.

I checked again. it goes to many lines.
スクリーンショット 2023-01-04 22.37.27

CPU too and I bet more line. so I would start to inject voltage to look heat.