Switch Lite Stuck on Joycon Logo

I have a nintendo switch lite that has a bad backlight and won’t pass the “nintendo switch” boot screen with the joycons. At first it worked fine, I was able to diagnose the issue to be the 9pin backlight IC and I was able to successfully remove it and have ordered replacements. I tested the console afterwards to make sure I didn’t break it up while removing the IC and it was fine. Testing it more, I noticed the power button doesn’t work. I took it back apart to try to diagnose the issue and after awhile I gave up, deciding to go back to it once I get my backlight working again. The problem is, I tried booting the first time and it worked for a bit then crashed to a red screen. After that, I unplugged the battery, tried booting again and now I am stuck at the boot logo. Does anyone know what could have gone wrong while I was working?

I fixed it by replacing the m92t36 chip

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Good to hear you’ve got it working