Switch lite wifi problem

I have a switch lite that has been having wifi issues of not seeing networks and if i dont put it in airplane mode it would get stuck on the boot screen till i could get it running long enough to put it in airplane mode, randomly it will see and connect to networks but recently its not even giving me the option to really search for network and it almost automatically goes to just showing wired connection, bluetooth still works and i was wondering if they work on the same chip? I have opened it up and the antenna wires are still connected. Could i switch out the plugs and see if its plugged into the bluetooth antenna the wifi will work or would that make matters worse? Thanks

the antenna just to reception expansion work it wont effect on stop wifi stuck or logo stuck. You are more need someone work on the wifi chip instead of the antenna

Kinda figured that was the problem but was hoping it wasn’t the chip, thanks for the help

I have a update, i found my old heat gun and got some tin foil and removed the motherboard and wifi cap made a one inch hole in the foil and placed it on the board with the hole exposing the wifi chip ,circled around the wifi chip for about two minutes. Put the whole thing back together and tired turning it on. No power unplugged the battery and plugged it back in it turned on. Wifi was working but now no zl. Took it apart again messed with it awhile. Even as far as putting the button thing with my hand on the motherboard but no luck. In defeat i tried the old unplug the battery trick and zl started working again. I have no idea why that worked. I will say that all was a try at your on risk if you try it that way. I’ll keep posting how long the wifi lasts

Just another update, still working fine so far