Switch Lite will not wake from sleep (Sleeping Beauty)

Hello, got a switch lite that works fine a part from waking from sleep. once i put it to sleep it wont wake up either by pressing the power button, plugging usb cable or pressing home button.

holding the power button for more than 12secs seems to turn it off.

anyone have any ideas what can cause this?

I would say try a different flex cable between the daughter board and the main board or try a different daughter board.

Already tried that on multiple boards.h As I said on first post, power button, home button or plugging or unplugging usb cable doesn’t work either.

Also replaced M92 and BQ and still the same.

I’ll try and replace the main PMIC MAX77620 on the weekend.

last time i had this issue, i just did a light reflow on the APU and tested it for 2 weeks.

Just re-flowed the APU and that didn’t work. Any other ideas?

I’ll try the main max pmic IC next.

Anyone traced the home button and power button?