Switch Lite with one button not working

I have a Switch Lite I am working on with an odd issue that seems be just affecting the X button. For some reason, I am not getting continuity between the test pad and the button itself. Nor am I getting continuity from the test pad to the pad for the IC that seems to be for reading the voltage to the button pads. I could see if there was an issue where the test pad to the button was bad, or the test pad to the IC was bad, but not both. Can someone please help me wrap my head around what might be happening here?

I took a photo of the board and mapped out the test pad/buttons to the IC pads in case anyone might find that useful. It doesn’t include the home button (didn’t get a beep from the home button test pad to the IC pads) or the daughter board buttons since I didn’t have it hooked up.

That L in the pic should have been an R :frowning: sorry about that.

Figured it give a bit of an update on this one. I ran jumper to repair the X button so at this point, it seems like all of the buttons are working ok. Here is a photo of what was done incase anyone has to do something similar for one of the other buttons:

Still have no idea what actually happened to that button that caused it to break in the first place.