Switch lite won’t stay in sleep mode

switch lite was stuck on the logo screen, reflowed the Wi-Fi IC and it worked perfectly, however now what’ll happen is when the power button is pressed it’ll go into sleep mode but 3 seconds later turn on again.

If it’s important, I did not apply thermal paste, and the switch lite is still disassembled for the most part (other than the screen/essentials to test)

my big fear right now is that my heat gun blew off a capacitor or something, but I’m not sure

I will try a new power/volume board ASAP

another thing, the Wi-Fi works just fine

here once again, removed the power/volume board and it’ll still turn on. noticed that it stayed on the logo screen again until I plugged it in, I guess I need to reflow it more?

I think if the problem is returning after initial reflow, then it’s probably indicating an issue with the IC itself (as oppsed to just simply joints) so your best bet is probably switching it out (careful about dodgy ICs which haven’t came from an actual Switch donor as they are rampant)

If a new chip doesn’t resolve your issue here, then possible the pull up resistor for this has been lost which could cause this eratic behaviour, that’s where I’d start looking (buzz out from the PWR button signal side to it’s destination resistor / if missing, resistor pads)

Though, there are a few other things which could cause this issue too (USB would be another one that comes to mind)