Switch lite won't charge after usb-c replacement, but still power on


It’s my first usb-c replacement, the original was damaged, and I’ve charged the battery on an other switch lite, put it back and it power on.

I’ve removed the bad port with heatgun from behind to not melt the battery connector, no issue here.

I then clean up, no pads missing, and put the new one.
I think I’ve heat to much because the plastic of the new connector melts a bit but all pads are soldered right.
I tried to charge, but nothing happens. The console still power ON.

Is it possible that charging IC is broken but still let the switch power on ?


any measurement on the 24pads when bad port off?

I didn’t mesure anything, just replaced the port.

I’ve replaced again usb port, now its working good :slight_smile:
My first attempt wasn’t great.