Switch Lite wont charge on both sides of the ac adapter

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on troubleshooting a Nintendo Switch Lite that has a charging issue. Currently, the only way I can successfully charge it is by completely powering it off, ensuring that the charging cable is securely plugged in, and then powering it back on. However, once I remove the charging cable, it doesn’t charge on either side.
To address this issue, I initially replaced the charging port since it was noticeably loose. Additionally, I checked the capacitors around the M92 and BQ chips and found no shorts. However, when I examined the MAX77812EWB chip, I discovered shorts around the capacitors. I’ve highlighted these areas in red on the provided screenshot.
Considering this, I’m wondering if the faulty chip is causing the charging problem, even though the Switch still powers on when the battery is connected. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Its low impedance around MAX77812 not really a short since you are able to boot up device.
Provide charging current and diode measurement on the charge port pins if possible

Just because there is no shorts doesnt mean that m92 is still good. M92 is responsible for both negotiating 15v as well as determining plug orientation via the CC pins in USB port. Do you have a USB C breakout board? Definitely worth doing a quick diode test to see if you have any OL readings where you shouldn’t followed up by buzzing out the appropriate pins to see if maybe you can detect where a potential break is occurring. Of course you can always blindly replace M92 as well to see if it solves it.