Switch Lite won't start after USB C port replacement


I’m having an issue with a Switch Lite. The USB C port was damaged so I changed it myself. As a noob in soldering, I am not sure I have done a perfect job with all the pins. It won’t turn on. I get 4.2V for the battery connector when plugged in, but everything seems dead. How can I check that the mainboard gets power from the USB C? Is there a debug sheet for all the control pads or how are they called?

Thank you in advance!

Inspect M92 passives for shorts. Generally when USB ports are damaged, M92 goes with it. Being unable to negotiate 15v on an OEM charger is a very good indication that M92 is dead, or your port install needs to be redone. Also, inspect the fuse above the USB port and ensure it is good. It doesn’t fail often, but if it does it will prevent you from booting and negotiating 15v.