Switch lite won't turn on

Hi all so I’m at a loss of what to do and hoping someone can help me out…

I opened up my switch lite to fix a sticky B button, I had gotten it back together and it was fine but then I noticed I misaligned the + button so had to open up again, well this time I disconnected the ribbon cables to get to it better, got everything back together and tried to turn it on…nothing…tried to make sure all ribbon cables were connected and it looked okay to me, but I was trying to make sure they were in good and I think I may have borked one of the ribbon cables… And I’m honestly not sure what to do. If I didn’t have animal crossing data I was desperate to save I’d just exchange it at Walmart since it’s been under 30 days ( prob should have done that to begin with but again I had animal crossing data and im stubborn ) I bought a set of screw drivers on Amazon that came with some other stuff to assist in the opening of the machine.

Let me know what anyone needs in order to give me some advice on what I can try or what I possibly did ? When I plug it in it feels warm like it’s charging, and the fan will spin. I tried to do the hold down power for 12-15seconds and then tap it to no avail (was REALLY hoping it was gonna be that easy :sob: )

You able to provide pictures it would be easier to help then

Also try disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon cables

It won’t allow me to add pictures or links in order to share pictures for some reason ?? Here’s a spaced out link of a drop box folder with some pics

dropbox . com / sh / zjyl3nu1ea5dgrw / AAC95gz31FPmbKP1lOghc77D a?dl=0

The cable in question and I’m thinking I borked it because the tiny clear clip that keeps the ribbon in place flew off and I can’t find it for the life of me :confused:

But I have tried unconnecting and reconnecting the cable

Get a donor board if you can and put a new clip on if you can’t replace the connector or simply duct tape it in but make sure the cable is in properly first or the console won’t power on it’s a screen cable

I’m in a very similar boat and also trying to save my cheap Switch Lite just for my ridiculous 600+ hours of Animal Crossing data. Were you able to find a fix?