Switch No Fan Spin Diode Bad?

I’ve got a switch that is over heating, no Fan spin with known good fan. I see this diode right next to the connector appears to be bad, it’s shorted to ground on both sides with or with out the fan plugged in. The couple of boards I have are a different revision and don’t even have a diode there. Any one know what value it is and if there is there anything I should check before just swapping out the diode?


The diode just acts as a fuse, preventing damage to other components when things go wrong. You can run the console without it, and it should work, though if what ever knocked it out originally happens again it wont be protected. No idea of the value I am afraid.

It’s worth noting here that the this is a reverse biased protection diode on the 5V fan supply, it’s function is not that of a fuse but rather to prevent reverse current from damaging other sensitive components in circuit.

In contrast a fuse would fail open (and offers very little protection aside from very rough over current conditions) and a diode will typically (but not always) fail closed.

Just thought I’d mention that incase anyone gets the idea of replacing one for the other (which won’t work)

Agree with Insomniac though, just remove the diode… Nintendo used them in early board revs, but obviously realised that the mosfet was basically serving the same purpose of the diode and ultimately removed this diode behind the fan connector to save money

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Sorry, yes, a good point. I meant only that it was used as an extra layer of protection, not that it was the same as a fuse… I should be more careful with wording :smiley:

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