Switch, No Power. 0.44-0.46amp draw. No shorts

I currently have a Nintendo switch that has no detectable shorts to ground on the board from what Ive tested. I replaced the M92 and BQ chips, no change in status.

Both before and after replacing the BQ chips I noticed it getting hotter during charging via a thermal cam ~96°F

-However, replacing both M92 and BQ resulted in no change in terms of amp draw or the fact the BQ IC is heating up.
-The device was tested with a known good battery, no change either
-Tested numerous points across the board and found no shorts around any of the chips

The board was known to be working and from my understanding just refused to power on. There are no signs of liquid damage of any kind, nor any signs of drop damage to the device.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Salut , j’ai le meme soucis que toi , sur mon testeur usb-c j’ai 15v 0,13A sans la batterie, avec la batterie 0,50 A ce qui explique que la console ne demarre, pas de CC aussi , je n’ai pas de caméra thermique, mais as tu mis un testeurs usb-c pour voir ta consommation ?

This is exactly how my device is acting. No battery attached, 0.13 amps being drawn. Battery plugged in, 0.44-0.46amsp being drawn. The USb-C port itself has tested fine.

Check in that thread all i went through for a similar problem. Look if you have a similar coil than i do, it is worth checking if they have no crack at the legs. It is very difficult sometimes to narrow down such issues, but most of the time with patience you can make it.

Can be a NAND issue.
When NAND is Not detected, the switch will only Boot into Recovery Mode and will draw around 0.46A