Switch no video after USB port change

Hi all, so my kids damaged the USB port, I have replaced the port, as I have had the port off/on few times I have now lifted the second pad from the left (hidden pins side)

I have checked the caps around the M9 chip and around the P13 there appears to be no shorts (only continuity to ground on one side)

I checked the chokes for continuity straight and for shorts “cross ways”, I did find one of them shorted, but I believe that was caused by a soldier bridge at the port pins(the short has now gone)

So, if I run a jumper wire from the port pin that has the missing pad to the second from the left choke (seems to be RX1+) would this over come this issue?

I see that people do diode test from the back (hidden pins) but I can not see the pins at all, maybe I have a different port, seems to have a plastic edge, maybe this can be removed to see the pins? Perhaps this will be the way to fix the jumper wire to?

Any help appreciated.

I would suggest u to take the connector off and make sure that the pins and vias are connected as they supposed to (create the necessary jumper wires and do the green coating) and after all is prepped solder the connector back to the mb.

Thanks for reply, I will check.

Also, when I docked (with the jumper wire installed) the dock flashed green, now it appears that the dock has stopped responding, even using another switch…

Thanks for your reply.

So I attempted the jumper wire, when I put it on the dock, the dock green light flashed and did not display anything.

Now the dock does nothing…

The switch works in handheld mode, I have tried another switch in the dock and nothing.

I have a bad feeling that the faulty switch/jumper wire may have caused damage to the dock.

Am I able to test the dock, perhaps I can replace a damaged chip?

I did double check the jumper wire, it was from the second hidden pin(rx+) to one of the chokes. (From the guide on this forum.

Ideally I’d like to fix the dock.

You could try to replace the Pi3usb Chip on the backside, it solved my problem once. and I have seen that other people have recommended that solution as well before in other cases.

Perhaps that is a solution for the switch it’s self, however now I’m concerned that now the dock is not working. It was perfectly before. I have also tried another switch to confirm.

Then you should find/borrow/buy another dock to test with :slight_smile:

That’s what I intend to do, although I’m concerned that the switch may damaged another dock!

Hi, does anyone know how I can test the dock motherboard?

I assume I can test for shorts, is there a guide on testing for voltage to determine a possible ic issue.

I think my faulty switch has damaged the dock board.

At first the dock flashed green, now I get nothing, no green light, no charging, no tv output. (The power adapter is fine and charges switch)

I have also tried a known working switch.

I can obviously get a new dock, however I’d like to see if I can identify the issue.