Switch - no wifi - missing pieces on board?

Ive got a otherwise perfectly working switch, has a mac address and can even connect to internet using dock, great Bluetooth just no wifi. I swapped the antenna and reinitialized and nothing, assuming the black wire is the wifi.

Examining the pic i took with others ive seen, i notice that these 2 pieces are missing. Im going to attempt a reflow with some flux, dont want to go through the possible dangers of a ic reball.

Could these 2 missing pieces be my issue? Im going to go over the board with a multi later. Ive read every topic i can find on this. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.

As your pads are golden I don’t think that those parts are missing but I can tell you, that those “missing” parts are both 0 ohm resistors.

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cool, appreciate the reply.

Just to clarify DNA’s point. You wouldn’t populate these components, they should not be present on your revision.

Your fault likely relates to the IC in general provided you’ve verified the antennas and the two 6-pin ICs (the ones with a direct connection to the antennas), as for how to get an idea if these components are at fault you’ll have to compare resistance to ground measurments pin by pin with a donor to get an idea and possibly even just directly across one pin to the opposing.

Hi, I have same issues, have you solved the problem ?