Switch not allowing right Joycons to connect remotely

I’ve been attempting to trouble shoot an issue was a Switch brought to me to repair. The unit was dropped while Joycons were connected. The slider rails on both joycons were dislocated, with minor damage done to the shell. No damage to the flex cables. I reinserted and secured the slilders.

Attached to the Switch, both Joycons work perfectly. However when I remove the Joycons, only the left remains connected remotely. The right will not sync, though it does attempt to. I tried unpairing all devices, and reconnected the joycons. Again they work perfectly when docked, but the right disconnects when removed and will not sync. So I tried with a known-working right joycon. Same issue, so it must be the switch and not the joycons.

After opening and inspecting the device, I can see no indication of any damage. If it were the antenna would it not to be able to detect any joycons remotely at all, rather than just specifically the right ones? I am at a loss.